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Latinos: It Makes Advertising Cents

Organizations are tapping Twitter to reach a more diverse clientele. Latinos are the fastest growing demographic using Twitter (and other social media tools). It would make sense that media outlets are seeing this as a “no brainer.”

It’s all about advertising dollars – and one of the reasons DirectTV has also bumped up it’s Spanish language offerings. Yes, some media outlets are going in the opposite direction. NBCLatino went idle a few weeks ago to the dismay of many on Latino social media channels.

Graphic via WSJ

The Road Less Traveled

A recent California study shows Latinos disproportionally attend community colleges after graduating from high school. Why? The study points to several challenges faced by Latinos:

Previous research has found the concentration of Latinos in the public two-year sector to be attributable to many factors, including the relatively low cost, geographic accessibility, and curricular and program flexibility of community colleges (e.g., Crisp & Nora, 2010; Nora & Crisp, 2009). Researchers have also pointed to systemic disparities in K-12 school quality experienced by Latinos and the consequences that attending disadvantaged and underresourced schools have on Latino student college readiness (Nora & Crisp, 2009).