Developing Low Income High Achievers

Discussing this recent study, Derek Thompson at the Atlantic considers why low income, high achieving students don’t go to college: If we want students from disadvantaged areas to attend good colleges and obtain modern skills, we should be thinking about ways to entice them, not scare them with blaring headlines: “SIX FIGURES IN DEBT AND […]

The Military Career Edge

The Winter 2013 issue of Phoenix Patriot, a publication for and about our military community via the University of Phoenix, examines the Career trends of 2013 and the top 10 things students need to know about getting a job. Below is an overview of career areas where military students might find a lot of opportunities. […]

Getting Latinos to the Finish Line

While Latino college enrollment has been surging the last few years, completion rates are not. With the help of a Kellogg Foundation grant, Excelencia in Education is helping colleges and universities develop strategies to get Latino college students through the academic pipeline: … the grant will enable Excelencia to share with Single Stop’s constituents both […]

A Leaky Pipeline

I’ve noted many times via this blog that Latinos, women, and other minorities use community colleges as a pathway to four-year institutions.  Unfortunately, this report by the American Association of Community Colleges indicates the pipeline is still very “leaky:” More than half of U.S. Hispanic and Native American undergraduate students are enrolled in community colleges, […]

Don’t Judge a Latino by His or Her Cover

Once again, a report by PEW Hispanic Research illustrates why Latinos are such a diverse community. A lot of good information in this report. Bottom line – keep in mind that attracting Latinos to your organization means recognizing these nuances and understanding them in the context of the workplace. Some highlights: When it comes to […]

Thalia’s Path: The Dream of Every Latino Student

This article describing the Latino college surge in California has received a lot of attention – partly because it also mirrors a national trend. It shows that early education support programs work, especially in helping Latinos through the educational pipeline. One student describes her success was one of expectation – not only from her parents […]

Break out of the Bubble

I’m the first to advocate that employee resource groups (ERGs) or affinity groups can benefit organizations. It’s a fundamental part of any organization’s diversity and inclusion strategy. Like many company ERGs, they’re managed within the umbrella of existing business functions, as they should be, in order for them to have a significant organizational impact. But […]

The Path to Graduation

The National Clearinghouse Project just released a report on student transfer paths and community college. Another reports that illustrates the “new normal” on college campuses – one that was always been familiar to Latinos and other people of color. According to the study: One-third of all students switch institutions at least once before earning a […]

Chiquita Relocation Redux

Charlotte, North Carolina’s Latin American Chamber of Commerce rolls out the red carpet for it’s new corporate citizen Chiquita Brands International. The company’s CEO, Fernando Aguirre, once again highlights the importance of Latino talent to Chiquita’s success. I still find this relocation fascinating since the company was headquartered in Cincinnati for more than two decades.  […]

The Latino Workforce: Engage Before They Walk in the Door

I was browsing through the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program website today (BMPP) exploring their State of Metropolitan America data maps – lots of great information about demographic and social trends impacting the country. Here are two maps I generated comparing Hispanic and non-Hispanic White Median Hourly Wages (click maps to enlarge): Startling. In regards to […]