Overcoming the Odds

It’s hard to imagine other Supreme Court justices being as open about their lives as Sonia Sotomayor.  In this interview via NPR, Justice Sotomayor discusses how her alcoholic father drank himself to death.  She mentions how a close cousin ended up committing suicide as a result of years of drugs.  Sotomayor discusses how she grew […]

The Trust Factor

I’ve often been asked whether race or ethnicity plays a role in the recruitment of Latino talent.  In most cases I would suggest that it doesn’t hurt to have Latinos in front of potential Latino talent. From an organization standpoint, placing Latino representatives in front of potential customers makes perfect sense.   This goes a long […]

Still Looking for Access

A USC study reports that Latino high school students (in California) who graduate from top schools still attend community colleges.  Regardless of the state, the barriers remain the same. According to the study: Previous research has found the concentration of Latinos in the public two-year sector to be attributable to many factors, including the relatively […]

Are Latino Leaders Different?

Many people would argue yes. Several Latino thought leaders argue that Latino leaders have innate leadership characteristics which make them effective leaders.  In her new book on Latino leadership, Juana Bordas argues Latino leaders are inherently more collaborative, inclusive, and community oriented. Results from my dissertation and article on leadership and emotional intelligence parallel Ms. […]

The Road Less Traveled

A recent California study shows Latinos disproportionally attend community colleges after graduating from high school. Why? The study points to several challenges faced by Latinos: Previous research has found the concentration of Latinos in the public two-year sector to be attributable to many factors, including the relatively low cost, geographic accessibility, and curricular and program […]

New York, New York!

Apologies! I realize that my last post was a couple of months ago – but for good reason. I was in the process of relocating to New York. No, not the Big Apple, although I’m only a short drive or train ride away – the capital, Albany. I’m excited to be back in this part […]

There’s No Yellow Brick Road

This report by MyEdu.com highlights the non-linear path taken by many college students today. A lack of student support, overburdened administrators, and poor academic advising at many universities leave many new students feeling lost and on their own. From a Latino perspective, this non-traditional path, before and during college, is not new. Most Latino college […]

Developing Low Income High Achievers

Discussing this recent study, Derek Thompson at the Atlantic considers why low income, high achieving students don’t go to college: If we want students from disadvantaged areas to attend good colleges and obtain modern skills, we should be thinking about ways to entice them, not scare them with blaring headlines: “SIX FIGURES IN DEBT AND […]

The Military Career Edge

The Winter 2013 issue of Phoenix Patriot, a publication for and about our military community via the University of Phoenix, examines the Career trends of 2013 and the top 10 things students need to know about getting a job. Below is an overview of career areas where military students might find a lot of opportunities. […]

Getting Latinos to the Finish Line

While Latino college enrollment has been surging the last few years, completion rates are not. With the help of a Kellogg Foundation grant, Excelencia in Education is helping colleges and universities develop strategies to get Latino college students through the academic pipeline: … the grant will enable Excelencia to share with Single Stop’s constituents both […]