RI Community Thrives Under 1st Latino Mayor

James Diossa has managed to drive growth in his community: Diossa worked on improvements to infrastructure, got better sanitation equipment, hired more police officers and even opened a tutoring center for children whose parents are immigrants and don’t speak English fluently. The young mayor also managed to keep the community engaged by bringing an auto […]

Supporting a Growing Community

As the Census results and analysis continue to resonate across the country, no question the growth of the Latino population is the big story. Extraordinary growth in “non-traditional” Latino states like Montana, Kentucky, Alaska, North Dakota, and others illustrate how Latinos are moving beyond their Southwest roots. As I contemplate my own relocation to Madison, […]

What's the Role of Community Colleges?

Two interesting articles regarding the role of community colleges – and particularly the role they play in helping minorities obtain their educations. Lots of debate given the focus the Obama Administration has put on the role community colleges will play in the future of the workforce.

The Community College "Leak"

An article in the Texas Tribune provides an excellent overview of the challenges faced by some Texas community colleges in their objective of getting their students to transfer to 4 year institutions. Certainly a lot of work to be done regarding budget, programs, and infrastructure. According to the article: “Statewide, among full-time students, black students […]

Time Has Flown By….

A lot has happened since January 2016, the last time I posted to my blog. As most, I’ve been incredibly busy with work, family, and a host of other commitments. Over this long hiatus, this blog has been in the back of my mind for a number of reasons. An itch that I’ve been unable […]

Like Oil and Water

I can relate to this article in the Washington Post regarding the many cultural differences within the larger Latino community. As a Mexican-American who grew up in Los Angeles, our small neighborhood was represented by several Latino communities: Cubans, Ecuadorians, Guatemaltecos, Salvadorians, Columbians, Puerto Ricans, and other cultures – including Filipinos and Vietnamese! Those who assume […]

When Smart People Do Stupid Things

Why does Halloween bring out the stupid in people – especially smart people. The President of the University of Louisville is a smart guy. According to President James R. Ramsey’s official biography, he has served as “Senior Policy Advisor and State Budget Director for Kentucky and Senior Professor of economics and public policy at UofL. […]

The Talent Bowl of the World

Krista Almanzan’s great piece on Cal State University, Monterey Bay, and Hartnell Community College’s three-year, intensive bachelor’s degree program in computer science and information technology targeting the largely Hispanic Salinas Valley. Despite a successful first year, the program’s director, Joe Welch, faces the typical funding challenges as well as the larger issue of getting Silicon […]

Dream It, Build It

Spare Parts opens this week. The movie is based on the true story of four undocumented Latino engineering students from Carl Hayden Community High School in Phoenix who compete in an underwater robotics contest sponsored by NASA and the U.S. Navy. They compete against 10 other colleges, including engineering powers MIT, Virginia Tech, and Duke. Spoiler alert, […]