Our Government’s Diveristy Problem

The lack of Latino representation in the federal government precludes our country’s ability to develop inclusive, reasonable, fair, and practical policies for the Latino community. The Center for American Progress just released a report that indicates the government’s Senior Executive Service (SES) fails to reflect the nation’s racial and gender composition. The representation gap is […]

Ready for Prime Time?

Changes in census figures are already impacting redistricting efforts in some states – two good examples are Nevada and New Jersey – both benefitting from the Latino growth. Even states like Georgia will be taking notice in the not so distant future. And while Latinos are finding new political power in certain areas of the […]

Demographic Change in Suburbia

As noted in this piece in the Economist last week, Latino demographic trends will have far-reaching implications in politics, education, and business: But this divide—what William Frey of the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC, calls “the cultural generation gap”—is very much wider in some states and cities. In Arizona, for example, 83% of the elderly […]

When Improving Isn't Really "Improving"

I got a chuckle from this article regarding how the Office of Personnel Management is aiming to cut recruiting time (interview to hire) for federal jobs in half. This means cutting a 5-month process to about 2 1/2 months. When I worked at the University of Texas at El Paso, I helped many students find federal jobs […]

Representation Matters

An article in the New York Times today reports that from 2003 to 2008, 61 percent of black applicants and 46 percent of Mexican-American applicants were denied acceptance at all of the law schools to which they applied, compared with 34 percent of white applicants. While there are a number of issues, challenges, and cultural […]

Hispanic Workforce: Under-Represented in Government Jobs

The under-representation of Hispanic Americans in the Federal workforce has been an issue for a few decades. Almost 40 years ago, President Nixon supported a “Sixteen Point Program” intended to assure equal Federal government opportunities for Hispanic Americans. The plan not only emphasized recruitment but upward mobility opportunities. Unfortunately, an increased representation of Hispanics in […]

Paying for College: A Hispanic Perspective

The Wall Street Journal has a good article on the “last minute” attempts by college students to obtain loans or some kind of aid to finance their college educations. Literally hundreds of thousands of students are finding it challenging to finance their educations due in part to recent economic times. As grants and student loans […]