Hispanic Federal Workforce Update

Hispanic representation in the U.S. federal workforce has “stalled.” Was it ever advancing? I’ve written about this for a few years. The Federal Times reports:  Federal hiring of Latinos has only increased incrementally since Clinton’s order 17 years ago, said Brent Wilkes, chief executive officer of the League of United Latin American Citizens. Currently about […]

Latino ‘Federales’

The representation of Latinos in the federal workforce is an issue discussed a few times via this blog. Some movement by President Obama on this via a recent executive order asking all agencies for road maps to increase diversity. According to Government Executive: Recruiting young Hispanics for federal jobs will be vital, with large numbers […]

Hispanic Representation and the Federal Reserve System

An interesting perspective via LatinoPolitics blog regarding Hispanic representation in the Federal Reserve System (nationally). A great overview of Hispanic board members around the U.S. plus some commentary on the lack of representation in a body that’s one of the linch pins of our economy. Good read.

Hispanic Representation in the Federal Workforce

There’s really no way to improve upon this latest post on the ERE Blog regarding the recruitment and retention of Hispanics in the Federal workforce. John Bersentes and Mark Havard have done an excellent job in presenting the issues, the trends, and the potential opportunities in this area. John and I had emailed a few […]

Federal Hispanic Career Summit

With the selection of Hilda Solis at the Department of Labor and Ken Salazar at the Department of Interior, Hispanics comprise 13% of President Obama’s cabinet. While these selections represent progress at the highest levels of the Federal government, you might be surprised to learn that Hispanics represent only 7.9% of the federal workforce as compared […]

The Tale of Two Reports

I spent a couple of hours today searching for current data on Latino educational attainment and outcomes, specifically in the area of post-secondary education. I was a bit frustrated. Reports were either incomplete or dated. Finally, I was able to find two good reports, both published this year, which provided detailed analysis. One report was […]

Reality Check: Working for the .GOV

Yet another look at the federal workforce, which has been covered quite a bit over the years on MAC.com. In this installation, The Atlantic presents thoughts on the satisfaction rates of federal employees and why it’s hard to work for the government. The news is not good as these numbers have been decreasing recently. As […]

Latinos’ Unequal Opportunity

The Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance shares an update on how changes to the Higher Education Act (HEA) can negatively impact low income students including Latinos and African Americans. Rising college costs, decreasing completion rates, shifting enrollment rates, and fewer Bachelor degrees could be the long-term outcomes of redesigning federal need-based grant aid; an […]

The “Who You Know” Job Market

Latinos love to build relationships.  Indeed, we are very social individuals. So in a job market where it’s primarily “not what you know but who you know,” Latinos searching for a new job might have a slight advantage of grabbing a few. The New York Times provides a good overview of what it might take […]

I’m Just Not that Into You

With the approval rating of Congress near single digits, it’s no surprise that new college graduates want anything to do with the government- especially as a potential employer. According to this analysis conducted by NACE, working for the federal government isn’t high on new grads’ list: The survey of 35,401 students from 599 colleges and […]