Guest Blogger: Edwin Martinez – Get an "Attitude"

I’d like you to meet someone that I think you’ll find engaging, Edwin Martinez. Edwin is a human resources professional with over 20 years of HR experience. He also holds a Human Resources Professional Certification (PHR). His professional background has included being an entrepreneur in the message therapy industry to being a professional actor in diversity training films. He’s written several articles and also writes over at his own blog, Winning Isn’t Everything?, so check it out when have a chance. I recently asked Edwin to share some thoughts for HTM, and he was kind enough to provide this guest blog. Enjoy!

When we hear or the read the word “attitude” most people think of “bad attitude” or negativity. A Google search of the word “attitude” provides one definition: “a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways”. I want to share why professional Hispanics should walk around with an attitude!

As a Certified Human Resources Professional (PHR), I’ve been able to experience both sides of the coin in terms of my career. I have been in the HR profession for over 20 years and have held positions starting from a personnel receptionist to a human resources director. I’ve seen the effects of discrimination as well as the recognition of my talents, abilities, and skills. Today, I can look back and be proud of myself for maintaining an “attitude” throughout my professional career. Believing in myself was one of the most important steps in my professional success.

Hispanics in every industry field have an opportunity to get beyond the “glass ceiling” and knock down the walls that might block their growth and success. It’s not necessarily a lack of opportunity for Hispanics but often a lack of attitude within our own minds. Once a mindset is set to believe in all possibilities, it’s difficult to go back to a mindset of failure and defeat.

Taking advantage of every opportunity we have to increase our education should be a priority.  Every Hispanic should move beyond the limits and perceptions of mediocrity. The benefits of pursuing success are not limited to Hispanic professionals. My goal here is to wake up the giant that lies within our culture; reach increased heights in our careers; and have a positive impact in our homes, our spheres, and our communities.  We have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else, and it’s up to us to take advantage of them.

It’s important to present yourself as professional as possible when meeting company representatives. First impressions are always remembered and can make a big difference in your career. Address others in a respectful manner but hold your head up – be confident. Build your vocabulary to ensure you’re understood and can speak clearly. Never allow others make you feel negative. Remember, it’s your “attitude” that must be aligned to the greatness within you; not others’.

Don’t wait until you feel you’re perfect in every way before taking steps towards achieving your professional goals.  Start today and build your skills gradually and see what happens when you keep the “attitude” of possibilities alive. It’s through your own quest for excellence that you’ll conquer your desired milestones. In our journey towards professional success, we’ll experience the growth and exhilaration of self-improvement as we carve out our own opportunities for greatness in spite of obstacles and impediments. Today is your opportunity dust off any past disappointments or failure and achieve your dreams by walking around with an Attitude!