A Menudo of Suggested Reads

Things have been a bit hectic lately – working on a couple projects plus getting some writing done on my latest study: my apologies for the lack of contact! Here’s a round-up of what caught my eye this week – interesting stuff so please take a look when you have moment. See you soon — cheers!

Recruiting Approaches that Work:  Here’s a great article profiling colleges that are using Spanish and customized recruiting strategies to reach more potential Hispanic students.  The colleges listed in the article are “get” what needs to be done and are doing it. Other colleges are also making similar efforts to increase the number of Hispanic students entering college.

Assumptions Don’t Work:  A great blog regarding how some marketers make too many assumptions about the Hispanic market and culture. Most of this can be easily applied to the recruiting side as well. Take time to read some of the comments at the end – a good discussion with many differing perspectives.

Tenacity of Hispanic Children: Here’s a report regarding the challenges and barriers Hispanic students face – and overcome – during their education. Illustrates the experiences of many Hispanic school children and how their cultural background help them overcome these challenges.

The Future of Higher Education: Great short video on the future of higher education.

On the Front Lines: I came across the Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education (CLASE) website earlier this week and was impressed with their efforts to support the development of educators that work with Hispanic populations. Using mentoring and developmental programs, they’re on the front lines making an effort to help Hispanic students succeed in education. Check out their work!

Working on Leadership: Two events that focus on the development and participation of Hispanic leaders. GE brought together Hispanic leaders to discuss and gain insights about the current economic situation – particularly as it impacts the Hispanic community (businesses, etc). Next month, Hispanic leaders in Ohio will gather in Columbus at the Ohio State University to discuss an assortment of issues impacting the Hispanic community in the state of Ohio. Registration info can be found here.  I’ll be there!  

Success Stories: With news and stories about the Arizona immigration bill dominating the headlines, it’s wonderful to see a positive side of the debate. David Masciotra shares a great story about the success of 2nd generation Hispanics.