The Family, Work, and School Balance

The vast majority of Hispanic college students work while attending school. I did for every one of my degrees. Research has shown that well over 80% of Hispanic college students work either full or part-time while trying to obtain their college educations. This article does a great job of personalizing these statistics and demonstrates the challenges and barriers Hispanic college students often overcome to achieve their education dreams.  Stories like the one below are not uncommon:

Jorge Lucio, 21, dropped out of North Salinas High School when he was seven months away from graduating. He wasn’t very interested in school, he said, but it’s more complicated than that. When the family’s house payment increased to $3,500 a month, Lucio and his brother were forced to increase their work hours at a local restaurant. They began often coming home past midnight.

Whether it’s family priorities, lack of financial aid, institutional support, or mentors – Hispanic college students often face AND many times overcome these barriers to complete their education. What employer wouldn’t want to increase, develop, and promote employees with these type of  positive characteristics.