Participation in Higher Education Still a Dream

I came across this article written by a Hispanic academic that shares her perspective regarding the progress of Hispanics in higher education. And while this type of story is all too familiar it’s always emotional to read a personal story or experience. Dr. Pegueros story is our story – her hopes are our hopes. The college experience is usually a personal one. As college students, we invest our time, money, and energy to create a foundation for a better future – perhaps in academia as an educator. The opportunity to do so motivates families to begin saving for their children’s college education long before they set foot on a college campus. Yet, despite this personal intention, what receives less of a commitment is our social investment in higher education, particularly for those that face the challenges discussed by Dr. Pegueros. Despite higher education advocating support for increasing faculty and student diversity, there has still not been a significant improvement on this front.