True Heroes Remain Under the Radar

The Washington Post has a great article on Maria Tukeva, Principal at Columbia Heights Educational Campus, formerly Bell Multicultural High School, in Washington D.C. The story provides a wonderful overview of Ms. Tukeva’s efforts at this inner-city school, and more importantly, how her leadership approach sets positive expectations for her school’s students. What’s most impressive is this:

The portfolio project is just one of the programs Tukeva has implemented over the years to shape the school into a cross-cultural institution known for transforming poor minority students and non-English speaking immigrants from El Salvador, Ethiopia, Vietnam and about 50 other countries into scholars. Nine out of 10 seniors from the school are accepted into college.

Despite these accomplishments, Tukeva remains “under the radar” remaining focused on the daily needs of her school. While it would be easy to bask in the glow of her accomplishments, she remains committed to her passion. An example of a true educational leader and hero.