A Potpourri of Guest Blog Posts

Whew, still catching up on a number of things after my hospital stay (doing well btw!). Here are a few guest blog posts from the last week that you might have missed out there in the blogosphere! Enjoy!

Global University Recruiting  

The Importance of Mentors – An overview of why mentors are a vital factor to recent Hispanic college graduates.

Intern Matters (via Internships.com)

Giving Back to the Community: A post regarding how an internship program really does a lot to give back to the community.

Fully Tap Hispanic Organizations: Some thoughts about how Hispanic professional organizations can help an employer even after the recruitment process is complete.

Eye of the Intern (via Internships.com)

Back to the Future:  My thoughts on what an intern can do to avoid mistakes BEFORE they happen during his or her internship.