How Culture Can Impact Hispanics' Careers

An excellent study examining  how cultural factors (scripts) impact the careers of Latinas in the workforce. I’d encourage you to think between the lines on the findings and how they can be applied in the work environment. The study demonstrates how cultural factors can certainly play a complicated role in the day-to-day work efforts and long-term career activities of Hispanics:

Cultural scripts act as both gifts and challenges for Latinas in corporations. As gifts, they are unique resources and perspectives that Latina managers bring to organizations. As challenges, Latina cultural scripts clash with Anglo cultural scripts and their pervasive and unexamined influence as dominant scripts, which determine organizational practices, guidelines for advancement, expectations about fit, assessments about effectiveness, and so forth. Thus, scripts may result in disadvantages and a lack of opportunities because when they behave according to another set of cultural scripts, Latina managers are usually found lacking.

As in my study regarding Hispanic leadership, one of the barriers or challenges faced by Hispanic professionals in the workplace is having to manage two cultural realities: one in the work environment (the organizational culture) and the other stemming from the Hispanic experience itself. When you consider the on-going dynamics of managing these two realities, it’s easy to see how a Hispanic professional’s career is impacted.