Even the Best Solutions Still Need Great Leadership

Like many of you, I subscribe to numerous informational resources (Google, RSS, etc.) that send me alerts, emails, and links to research or studies on a given topic (if you’re not doing this you should be!). As you might guess, information that I receive focuses on the Hispanic workforce, Hispanics and college trends, and other related information. With the wealth of information that I browse daily, most of what I read discusses what “needs to be done” or “what hasn’t been done” to improve or increase the situation of Hispanics in a number of environments.  

While I don’t argue that much work is still needed on a number of fronts, I’m gratified to see how much is already being done – and done well – by people, organizations, and communities that are making a difference. However, when I read articles like this one regarding University of Texas Pan American, or Western Oregon University, or this article by Dr. Lorelle Espinosa (now one of my favorite researchers!), I wonder why other organizations and communities do not model similar paths toward success. What keeps others from using a successful solution and applying it somewhere else? I often hear people say that identifying problems is easy, finding solutions is the bigger challenge. I’m not sure I completely agree. Given the number of solutions that can be modeled, literally waiting on the shelf, I think it still comes down to commitment and implementation. In my view, even the best solutions still rely heavily on strong leadership to create change.