Taking A Short Medical Hiatus

HTM Video from Miguel A. Corona on Vimeo.

Based on the feedback I got from these posts, I’ve reposted a few blog entries from earlier months. My blogging will be sporadic for a few days while I have some follow up surgery this week (check out the video).  See you soon.

— > For Employers

Eight Essential Strategies for Recruiting Hispanic Grads: I got a lot of great feedback on this post from a number of organizations. Hope it will provide you with some ideas to incorporate into your college recruitment strategy.

Incorporating Culture into Your College Recruiting: Some thoughts on how employers can incorporate concepts of culture into their recruiting efforts. Here and here.

— > For Career Centers

Making College Relevant: Some thoughts on the worth of a college education despite some of the news out there advocating it’s not really worth it. Some thoughts about what employers want in recent grads too.

Lessons from the Hummer: What can college recruiting learn about change? I use the fall of the GM Hummer as an example.

— > For Students (and Everyone Really!)

Hispanics Caught Between Two Worlds: A post regarding the dual identities Hispanics sometimes have to manage in the workplace.

Graduating Hispanic College Grads: Some thoughts on increasing the number of Hispanic college graduates. There is no shortage of ideas.