Are You Making History?

Efrain Nieves over at Being Latino has an excellent article sharing the profiles of  Hispanics that you’ve not probably heard of, but have certainly made significant differences in the lives of others.  The article got me thinking: Am I making a difference or just taking up space? It’s a question we often don’t ask ourselves because we’re too consumed with our daily responsibilities and commitments. When I encountered my medical predicament a few weeks ago (which I’ll blog more about tomorrow), I became acutely aware of this question. And while all of us know people that are financially successful, I can attest few that I know, try to live significant lives.

Paul Rogat Loeb, author of Soul of the Citizen, has discussed how most Americans are thoughtful and caring with family and friends, however, fall short in the public realm: “We’ve all but forgotten public participation…and how much it can enrich our lives.” While Loeb’s thoughts might not be true of everyone, it should give each of us pause to question whether or not we’re making a difference.

As for me, I often ask: Am I actively engaged or am I a disengaged observer of events that shape the workplace? I hope that through this blog and my other educational efforts, I’m reshaping it in some way. Being engaged means bringing all your capabilities to what you’re passionate about and believing that what you do, adds value to the whole—when that happens I believe you can make a difference – and make history.