Two Organizations that "Get It"

I often write about why organizations and employers need to understand and recognize the importance of the Hispanic workforce. And while direct recruitment is important, so are the other efforts that organizations can undertake to demonstrate that they have a sincere interest in developing and supporting this group. Hence, always nice to see when organizations actually “get it.” The University of St. Louis, for example, is establishing a new research initiative to examine issues facing the region’s growing Latino population. Rather than competing, colleges and universities in the region are collaborating, sharing, and building discussions to help support and understand the growing Hispanic population. In addition, my favorite airline, Southwest Airlines, is teaming up with HACU to award Hispanic students (and immediate family) to travel to/from a college or university.  The tickets will be awarded to undergraduate and graduate Hispanic students with socio-economic needs who journey away from home to pursue higher education. Effort. Commitment. Support. These organizations “get it.”