Thanks to All of You!

I was just reviewing my blog’s “numbers” over the last 9-months using Google Analytics. Last month I had the largest number of visitors to Hispanic Talent Memo since I started blogging in July, 2009. And while my numbers don’t obviously compare to many other “high traffic” sites, the trend lines show that more and more of you are visiting. I’m incredibly humbled by the thought that many of you visit this blog on a consistent basis to read my thoughts on the Hispanic workforce.

I do appreciate your willingness to spend some time here – I realize the internet and blogosphere are filled with so many choices so it means that much more knowing you stop by now and then. After each visit, I hope you walk away with a better understanding of how organizations can tap into this emerging and very talented group of future employees.

So thank you for visiting, and please keep coming back!

Gracias and saludos, Miguel.