Small Businesses: Get in the College Recruitment Game

I came across this blog post via Seth Godin’s blog – interestingly it’s a re-post of his from eight years ago but much of it still holds true today. Part of the post discusses a visit he made to Harvard to talk to students about getting a job in marketing.  Seth encouraged students back then to get a job with a small business in order to get some real experience –  get their hands dirty – an opportunity not easily provided to students in most large organizations. One student’s response was remarkable:

…one woman professed to agree with me, but then explained, “But those companies don’t interview on campus.” Those companies don’t interview on campus. Hmmm. ……She has just spent $100,000 in cash and another $150,000 in opportunity cost to get an MBA, but…

Aside from the student’s incredible response, the thought that popped into my head is  – well, why weren’t small businesses there? College students can obviously learn from this story – but so can small businesses that aren’t showing up to campus. If you’re a small business, it doesn’t take that much work to develop a highly effective college recruitment program. It takes planning, commitment, and consistency. Given that many college graduates today want to get their hands dirty, want to work with the CEO, and want to make a contribution, small businesses provide an excellent opportunity for college grads to do just that. So make an effort to get on campus and get it in the game.