Hispanic Workforce: A Multicultural Strategy

I just came across a great source of information regarding the representation of Hispanics online including consumer behavior, multiculturalism, and social media trends. A researcher over at Forrester Research, Tamara Barber, focuses on these topics via her indepth studies and blog.  Tamara’s most recent research focuses on the social media usage of Hispanics. Take a look when you have a chance. One of the most interesting posts she shares is related to Tips for Building a Multicultural Strategy. Once again, while her research concentrates on “consumers” – her results can be easily applied and incorporated to employer recruiting strategies for the Hispanic workforce, including Hispanic college graduates.  Among some of her key points in this regard are:

Don’t mistake language for culture. When it comes to reaching Hispanic consumers, remember that language is only one piece of Hispanic culture….

Research must drive marketing decisions. In order to create a culturally relevant campaign, brands must do their homework to segment and understand their Hispanic consumers…. (Same goes for college recruiters, a broad approach is a strategy of the past)

Executive buy-in is key. In order to preserve and grow budget for multicultural strategies, marketers must educate their executives on why these segments are important…. (A vital component of organizations hoping to tap Hispanic college grads and the Hispanic workforce)

Measure success incrementally. Once you’re armed with solid research and have executive buy-in, be prepared to keep learning as you go and build out a strategy over time…. (As I noted many times, be prepared for success, recruiting is the first step, but how will you retain, develop, and promote your Hispanic workforce?)

This is really a great resource for anyone hoping to understand the Hispanic  market as well as its online trends and activities. I’m looking forward to their future work!