Strategy: Incorporating Fibers of Multiculturalism

Vista Hispano shares a great post regarding the “Fibers of Multiculturalism” on its blog. Here again, as in earlier posts, much of what this blog post discusses can easily be used as a learning opportunity for employers looking to expand their Hispanic college recruiting efforts. Here are the three main ideas that I think can be incorporated into any Hispanic college recruitment strategy:

Recognition – Understanding that various cultures in our society offer a wealth of positive and diverse elements that can help further the health and quality of life in America.

Participation – Make an effort to join the conversations and participate in activities that allow for a multicultural society.

Amplification – Where the synergy takes place and allows for increased assimilation and diversity.

I’ve written about each of these concepts at different times through out this blog – but their blog post does a great job of reinforcing these ideasĀ in short and simple way. Thanks for sharing!