Announcing A New Collaboration!

I was unable to share this news last week due to my illness, so today I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be guest blogging for, a  leading online network between internships and students, higher education and employers. I’ll be contributing posts to’s Intern Matters blog. The Intern Matters blog is dedicated to employers with a focus on how to hire and manage interns effectively. My focus of course will be on Hispanic college students. In particular, I’ll be blogging  about Hispanic themes and topics aimed at employers that might bring Hispanic interns into their organizations. A few of my posts have already been featured on the blog so go take a look when you get a chance.

I’d like to thank for not only the opportunity to contribute, but for also making the commitment to feature Hispanic-related content on their website. I’m looking forward to a great collaborative effort. Whether you’re a student, employer, career center professional, or other organization representative, I encourage you to check out what can do for you. From what I’ve seen from via Twitter, they’re already making a big splash! Enjoy!