Leaving the Nest

The Los Angeles Times has an excellent article today discussing the increasing number of Hispanics that are moving away to attend college. This is quite a noteworthy article considering that many still hold on to the stereotype that Hispanics will not move to another city for school or work. When I tweeted about the article today, I was please to see a large number of Hispanics out there that shared how they indeed had moved to Dallas, Austin, New York, Florida, California and other states to attend school. I moved from California to Texas to attend college. And while there are still definite cultural and social factors that challenge potential Hispanic college students to attend school somewhere else, it’s not only due to “being away from family.” As the article notes, much of the decision to stay or be near “home” is based on economics. As noted many times via this blog, the great majority of Hispanic college students work and attend school – like me – working themselves through college. Many are not on financial aid, hence living at home not only becomes a necessity but a no brainer decision. And afterall, what’s wrong with having family support while working on a degree? Not to mention mom’s great food. ; )