A Paella of Links

It was a busy weekend (getting a stomach bug also didn’t help) so I was a bit behind getting to some of the links I found interesting over the last day or so. By the way, don’t you just LOVE paella? Enjoy!

Recruiting Hispanic College Students – In Espanol
A big shout out to Bryn Mawr College, a women’s liberal arts college outside of Philly, for launching a Spanish version of its Web site. A few other universities around the country have also made the choice to actively support potential and current Hispanic college students. Colleges and universities are certainly paying attention to what is happening across the country. By the way, check out the University of Kansas‘ Spanish website.  That’s right, Toto – you’re still in Kansas – and things are changing – even  in Kansas. : )

ACT Report on Hispanics – Much Work Yet to be Done
The first two lines of a Hispanic Outlook  article regarding an ACT Inc. report on Hispanic high school students says it all: When we talk about the academic future of Hispanic high school students, we should start by asking two basic questions: How many students want to go to college, and of those, how many are ready to go? A mixed bag of results show that more Hispanic high school students are taking the ACT test  – however – the results show many are still not prepared to attend. I’m glad to see that ACT also provided some excellent recommendations to improve the gap between “desire” and “preparedness” by focusing on readiness programs across all high school populations. The last sentence of this article is just as critical as the first two: “…these initiatives will help guarantee that every Hispanicstudent who wants to go to college has a real chance to succeed there.”

LinkedIn Showing It’s Presence on Campus
It was only a matter of time before college students began to leverage LinkedIn as a tool to socialize and build relationships with potential employers. Talent Buzz shares the numbers.