Cautious Optimism

The reality of the economic times makes phrases like “cautiously optimistic” a real good thing. So say several CSOs around the country about MBA hiring via Business Week.

At the same time, there are a number of signs that the MBA job market could improve, albeit slightly, in the coming months and a growing sense of optimism prevails among career services officers, says Kip Harrell, president of the MBA CSC. According to his group’s survey, full-time MBA job postings appear to be rebounding; 34% of schools reported an increase in full-time postings this fall. And, perhaps even more important, fewer schools are reporting declines, with 48% of schools seeing a reduction in full-time postings, as compared with 70% of schools last year.

I hear the same from several CSOs that I speak to on a regular basis. I think some areas of college recruiting are doing better than others so it makes the overall environment look better than it really is – however – one point I think is on point — the bleeding seems to have stopped. For another take on how the college recruitment environment is doing – check out the great podcast put out by Lindsey Pollack.