An Introduction

 Welcome to the first entry of Hispanic Talent Memo – aka HTM. I hope you’ll join the discussion!

The nature of our workforce has changed. It continues to change daily, particularly as it relates to the Hispanic American workforce. Using a Hispanic American perspective, this forum will be comprised of various human capital themes in the areas of business, government, academic, non-profit, and social systems. Hispanic culture and strategic talent management issues will be central to many of the blog posts – although I also expect to be posting on a lot of other subjects, from education to trends, from leadership to research. Many of the posts will be supplemented by articles and information found via the AdMentis website, the online home of my consulting firm dedicated to the same objective.

I believe that the increasing number of Hispanic professionals over the next decade represents a powerful opportunity for organizations to create a competitive advantage in a global economy. But realizing this opportunity will require awareness, and fundamental change in the way Hispanics are recruited and retained. HTM’s mission is to challenge the old assumptions, offer new ideas and become a catalyst for the transformation that must occur to achieve leadership in the talent economy.