One in Five Moms Are Hispanic

I’ve written a few times regarding the alignment of Hispanic marketing and advertising trends with others such as the Hispanic workforce. AdWeek provides¬†some¬†interesting numbers regarding Hispanic moms:

…¬†21 percent of U.S. moms are Hispanic, and in key markets that percentage is even more dramatic. In New York, 33 percent of all moms are Hispanic. In Dallas, that figure now hits 32 percent. And in Los Angeles, it’s nearly half at 47 percent.

This is really a remarkable number – over 1/5 mothers in the country are Hispanic. While there are a number of benefits for companies such as Proctor & Gamble and other consumer good industries, once again there is a need to focus on the “other side” of the equation. Specifically, how are these organizations assuring their organizational workforces are reflecting their customer base.