A "Menudo" of Links

As always, there’s not enough time in the day for all the things one wants to accomplish – but in many ways it’s a nice problem to have lately! Below are some thoughts regarding some articles that caught my attention over the last week. Enjoy!

Hispanics and Volunteering: A fascinating look at how much and how often Hispanics volunteer. The article appreciates the changing demographics in the U.S. and considers how non-profits or organizations that depend highly on volunteers will survive given the lack of participation from many minority groups. From a Hispanic perspective, one could go in many different directions given that Hispanics are incredibly collective but at the same time more attuned to helping family first. In addition, it provides an opportunity for someone in the non-profit sector to provide some consulting advice to these organizations on how to increase their Hispanic volunteers. Hmmm – that’s a thought.   

Bigger and Bigger: Galindo Publishing provides some nice stats regarding the Hispanic market and how it really is in the best interest of organizations to think beyond just marketing and advertising their products to the Hispanic market. In many ways, Hispanics will begin to take notice of how an organization’s workforce reflects the Hispanic community. If organizations are not convinced of this trend, check out the recent article in The Economist.

Economic Snapshot:  The Center for American Progress provides some grim but somewhat hopeful news regarding the economic situation in the U.S. Hispanics are still hovering around the 12% mark for unemployment.  Meanwhile the El Paso Times does an excellent job providing an overview of the Hispanic talent market.

Hispanic Magazine Advertising Decreasing: The economic situation is taking a toll on those advertisers marketing to Hispanics via Hispanic magazines and other outlets. Seems like Hispanic advertising budgets are the first to be slashed. According to this article, “Despite being already underrepresented in Corporate America’s budgets, Hispanic advertising, and even more Hispanic magazine advertising, declined more than general market advertising.” Long-term, this could be a costly mistake and potentially backfire since Hispanics are incredibly brand loyal- as consumers and employees.

Debunking:  A great piece via American Public Media on debunking Latino worker stereotypes. The numbers in the study say it all – much better than I could!

Hispanic Mentors: My favorite piece so far this week. A Hispanic student who serves as a mentor for another  high school student in Utah. The power of mentoring cannot be overstated. Love it.