Double the Impact

I just got back from a NSHMBA networking event over at the University of Phoenix campus here in Cincy. It was a great opportunity to meet some new faces and say hello to my friends in the Hispanic community. I’ve been involved with NSHMBA for some time now – first as a college recruiter with Nestle, and now as a member and contributor to their journal. Thanks to their efforts, NSHMBA has been instrumental in increasing the number of Hispanic MBA’s by providing career guidance, preparation, and job fairs. Tonights event was sponsored by the University of Phoenix-Cincinnati. While I teach mostly online for UOP, I’ve got some great friends here at the local campus too. You’ll be amazed to know that UOP currently enrolls close to 48,000 Hispanic students and employs more than double the national average of Hispanic faculty. Without question, both of these organizations are making an impact in helping to increase the number of Hispanic professionals in organizations today. I’m proud to be associated with both.