Hispanic Mediated Culture

Poder360 recently had a great article discussing the latest Hispanic technological and internet-related trends. While there has been substantial progress in this regard among Hispanics, there is still a sizeable technological access gap that exists between Hispanics and other groups –  known by many as the “digital divide.” While these statistics are both positive and negative, one can safely say they’re trending upward. In many ways, the advent of technology aligns nicely with Hispanic cultural traits. Take for instance social media.

Hispanics are incredibly communal. They enjoy being in groups: networking, sharing, talking, debating – anything that provides personal interaction. This cultural characteristic is also very evident on social media sites where Hispanics have formed any number of groups and networks to achieve the same but mediated interaction. Blogs such as Latino Rebranded, The Latino Edge, and others do a great job of discussing and blogging about how social media is impacting Hispanic cultural interactions. Jump on Twitter and search #latism, #latino, and #Hispanic,. Browse  Twitteros – and check out the results there. Marketers, advertisers, entrepreneurs, and especially recruiters are and should be taking note that the digital divide is certainly closing – mostly with help of Hispanic cultural bridges.