The Best Birthday Gift

Today was my birthday. One of the disadvantages of having a birthday so soon after the holidays is that everyone is suffering from Christmas and New Year’s Day fatigue (or hangovers), so much, that it really takes a lot of effort to get excited all over again – this is true for me as well! Not to mention everyone is back into “work mode” after the long break. While my wife, kids, and family always make it a very special day, I usually find myself trying to get back into a routine – you know, what life was like before Thanksgiving Day.   

Today was different. After three weeks of reducing a 200+ page dissertation into a 25 page manuscript, a month of waiting, a couple more weeks of revisions, and two more weeks of waiting, I received word today that my submitted manuscript to the Business Journal of Hispanic Research (BJHR) will be published. Frankly, it struck me more than my doctorate graduation ceremony – probably because it was unexpected. Not because the paper was lacking in some way, but because BJHR is a peer-reviewed journal. In other words, it’s reviewed and approved by scholars who really know the material you’re writing about. Putting your work (and yourself) in front of  academic peers can be intimidating, particularly if you’re a “newbie” doctor like myself.  

In many ways, it’s also another example of what my academic journey has been like to this point. One of facing closed doors, opening them, walking through them, and discovering that they lead to more opportunities – and more doors. And all the while, I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate each room during my journey. This is one of the many “firsts” I’ve had in my life, another opened door, one that I’ll remember for a long time, not because it’s my first published academic article, but because it was great birthday present to myself.  

Happy Birthday Dr. Corona. ; )