Ready, Set, Go….

As I review my leftover “to do” list from 2009, I’m excited to begin a new year and a new decade. It promises one to be filled with both excitement and challenges. Here at HTM, we’ll be introducing two new features. First, we’ll be incorporating podcasts starting later this month. Podcasts will follow the same theme that you’ve seen over the last few months, but with contributions from subject experts in a number of areas related to the Hispanic workforce. Although I anticipate some minor technological hic-cups along the way, I’m confident it will add a lot of value to the HTM site. Second, we’ll be adding some “vlog” (video post) content before Spring. Again, these posts will be geared at the same type of content with some local and regional guests appearing via HTM. We have some folks here in Cincinnati and the Tr-State area (OH, IN, KY) that are incredibly knowledgeable about the Hispanic workforce. Adding their perspectives can only improve what we’ve started here.  Third, the first few weeks promise to be busy. I’m waiting to hear back regarding a manuscript I submitted to the Business Journal of Hispanic Studies, I’ve got an online presentation coming up this week, and a graduate class that begins next week. Finally, I’m working on my next study that will hopefully be completed by this Spring.

So it all begins again tomorrow – here’s to a great and prosperous 2010. See you soon.