Tough Challenges for (Hispanic) Grads

It’s an uncertain time. College students entered their academic careers expecting to launch a new career and a new life four years later. Unexpectedly, they find themselves in the thick of an economic environment that has not lived up to their hopes. For Hispanic graduates, it makes an already challenging journey even more demanding. Cultural, economic, and social barriers are always present. With the latest PEW Hispanic Research Center study showing Hispanics are still likely to be in prison, and twice as likely to have ties to gangs, it’s hard not to become discouraged. However, there are always examples of better things to come. Hispanics are emerging as contributors to a workforce that is in desperate need of new talent and leadership. While the PEW Hispanic Research findings were a bit sobering, the study also found that many young Hispanics are also satisfied with their lives, and value highly education and career success. Today, more and more Hispanic college students are attending and graduating from college increasing their representation in the labor force. They are also contributing to the economic sustainability of regions hit hard by the recession. It’s these skills – determination, commitment, loyalty, and long-term vision that make Hispanic college graduates excellent contributors to any organization.