Arriba, Arriba, and Away!

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I wasn’t much of a comic book reader as a kid but knew most classic super heroes. As the comic book industry grows leaps and bounds (pun intended), it’s nice to see that some very talented and creative Latino artists are taking diversity and inclusion to a much different level. Granted, some Latino super hero powers are still stereotyped, but hopefully this will change – not only because of Latino artists – but because of the market:

But times are changing as awareness grows that the high proportion of white men working in the comics industry is not reflective of the greater population and the potential readership market. The data crunching website recently ran the numbers and found that while attendance at comic book conventions split fairly evenly between genders, only one in four comic book characters is female. Now, as the comics industry is trying to better reflect the market’s demographics, Latinos are slowly growing in influence.