Time to Step Up

With the increasing Hispanic population, there comes a need to increase their participation in healthcare industry. According to a recent article in Nursing Education, Hispanics account for only a small percentage of those enrolled in nursing programs. I’ve noted the same trends in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic (STEM) careers. These statistics again demonstrate need to overcome barriers faced by Hispanics in regard to healthcare and STEM careers. Research is growing in this regard and the good news is that stakeholders from educators to employers have taken note and are addressing this issue nationally. I’ve discussed many times the need to change the “pipeline” model when addressing educational and career development of Hispanics. Since the challenges and barriers that face Hispanics in this regard are wide, it will also require a complete paradigm change in tackling the educational and career achievements of Hispanic college graduates in these areas. Since the Hispanic population is the fastest and youngest ethnic group in U.S, Hispanic college graduates have the chance to make a significant contribution in these high demand fields. Moreover, the United States has a greater interest in addressing and supporting this goal in order to confront the economic needs of the country.

Update: Talk about fast action! ; )