Weathering the Perfect Storm

Over the last couple years, it seems college students are in the midst of a perfect storm. Whereas incoming college students are facing increased college costs, current college students are loaded with debt, and college graduate salaries are either meek or decreasing, the short-term outlook for those attending college is dubious. From a Hispanic college student perspective, it adds yet another wrinkle to other challenges such as delayed college entry, attending less selective schools, caring for children or other dependents, and working while attending college. 

However as challenging as these obstacles seem there is a ray of hope: overcoming these barriers turn challenges into opportunities. For example, prospective employers seek those college graduates who face significant challenges, take steps to overcome them, work to put themselves through school, and engage themselves in a positive direction of growth. You get the idea. I’ve known many Hispanic college graduates that share these qualities. The motivation and passion to succeed despite the challenges.