Study: Managers’ Hiring Practices Vary by Race, Ethnicity

A study using personnel data from a large U.S. organization examined whether the race or ethnicity of the hiring manager affects the racial composition of new hires. The study found that all non-black managers—that is, whites, Hispanics, and Asians—hired more whites and fewer blacks than did black managers. This was especially true in the South. In locations with large Hispanic populations, Hispanic managers hired more Hispanics and fewer whites than did white managers. The study also examined possible explanations for these differential hiring patterns. The findings provide evidence that the race or ethnicity of those who make hiring decision can have a strong impact in the racial makeup of a company’s workforce. 

If you’re interested in finding the article here is the citation:

Laura Giuliano, David I. Levin and Jonathan Leonard, “Manager Race and the Race of News Hires.” Journal of Labor Economics 27:4 (October 2009).