Hispanic Workforce: Under-Represented in Government Jobs

The under-representation of Hispanic Americans in the Federal workforce has been an issue for a few decades. Almost 40 years ago, President Nixon supported a “Sixteen Point Program” intended to assure equal Federal government opportunities for Hispanic Americans. The plan not only emphasized recruitment but upward mobility opportunities. Unfortunately, an increased representation of Hispanics in Federal government has not kept pace with the increasing Hispanic population. Several challenges have attributed to this gap: geographic concentration of Hispanics, qualifications, education, and citizenship requirements.

Jorge E. Ponce has been a long advocate for increasing Hispanic representation in the Federal workforce. He has penned a great commentary on the issue and shares some personal experiences. In order to address the discrepancy found in the Federal workforce, government agencies must continue to aggressively increase the hiring of Hispanic Americans annually. Implementing effective training and career advancement programs that will retain AND promote more Hispanic Americans need to be either reviewed or implemented. Finally, agencies must be held responsible for employing these strategies aimed at increasing Hispanic representation.