College Recruiting: Changing the Framework

Chris Brogan is what you would call a “guru” of social media and its applications to numerous industries and situations. I just recently have begun to follow his blog and have learned a tremendous amount – not about things like Facebook or Twitter – but how new technology can change everything. A recent post on his blog discusses “frameworks” and how social media can indeed change business thinking and, ultimately, the way business is done. It got me thinking about new models, particularly in regards to recruiting and college recruiting models. The recruiting industry is still grappling with how social media tools can be used most effectively. But as Chris argues:

When thinking about social media tools and how you’re looking to implement them in organizations, be sure to understand the frame of what you’re doing.

In many ways, social media is already changing (and complicating) the way recruiting, particularly college recruiting, is being done. This new “framework” or model is characterized by interdependence: a functional web of interdependent and related processes, individuals, and programs – a community. There a few things to consider as social media becomes more engrained in college recruitment strategies.

One is assuring that college recruiting strategies have a broader participative process where participants are involved through out the process. Traditional college recruiting processes have always had various “valves” that open and close during the process – social media overcomes this barrier – how does this impact job seekers, organizations, and colleges? Second, processes and functions (structure) should be responsive to situations. Traditional college recruitment models have followed a logical and predictable model. Yes, they’ve incorporated technology but the underlying processes are still old. Here again, the social media and technology are more adaptable to economic and talent market realities. The technology allows us to have our ear to the ground. Finally, traditional college recruitment models are still rooted in “industrial” processes. Social media changes college recruiting forcing us to adapt to cultural, economic, and social change.