New York, New York!

Apologies! I realize that my last post was a couple of months ago – but for good reason.

I was in the process of relocating to New York. No, not the Big Apple, although I’m only a short drive or train ride away – the capital, Albany. I’m excited to be back in this part of the country; however, I will miss many of the colleagues and friends I made in the Midwest.

During my time in Madison, I had the good fortune to meet many inspiring Latino leaders who are working hard to empower and support an emerging Latino community. I jumped right in and was honored to serve on the board of Centro Hispano. I also helped set the foundation for the first Latino professionals organization in Madison. I’m confident significant opportunities still await the Latino community there.

The Capital region is certainly a much different environment, and in many respects, includes a much smaller Latino community as compared to Madison. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to meeting and networking with the Latino community in my new home of New York.