Latino Leaders in Corporate America

Four thought leaders weigh in on the state of Latino leaders in the workforce. Excerpts below – full article here:

Phyllis Barajas, Founder and Executive Director of Conexión
One is the fact that the pipeline to upward mobility for Latinos is faulty. It is not only about being educated. It is also about the type of jobs performed and networks that Latinos become part of in the workplace.

 Juana Bordas, President of Mestiza Leadership International
Strategic thinking and the ability to analyze and synthesize information are key leadership functions that require objectivity. These actions often necessitate a mental separation from a problem or group. This can sometimes be difficult for Latinos because the culture is much more feeling and process oriented.

Darío Collado, Program Manager of the Latino Leadership Initiative (LLI)
It is going to be very interesting to see exactly how the access to power through leadership positions will transform and influence the power structure in mainstream environment that is still to be realized.

Dr. Robert Rodriguez, President of DRR Advisors.
As more Latinos view their heritage as an asset, their leadership potential grows. Corporate Latino leadership development programs are also flourishing further accelerating the growth of Latino leaders.