Looking for Extroverts via Social Media

Most recruiters will tell you they check applicant social media profiles to either confirm or find contradictions on their resumes. But what does social media activity also tell recruiters about candidate personalities?   An interesting study from North Carolina University regarding prospective employees and social media sheds some light about what employers can learn from applicant social media postings. After examining the social media activity of 175 job applicants, the results are surprising. From the study abstract:

Participant self-reported social media content related to (a) photos and text-based references to alcohol and drug use and (b) criticisms of superiors and peers (so-called “badmouthing” behavior) were compared to traditional personality assessments. Results indicated that extraverted candidates were prone to postings related to alcohol and drugs. Those low in agreeableness were particularly likely to engage in online badmouthing behaviors. Evidence concerning the relationships between conscientiousness and the outcomes of interest was mixed.