There’s No Yellow Brick Road

This report by highlights the non-linear path taken by many college students today. A lack of student support, overburdened administrators, and poor academic advising at many universities leave many new students feeling lost and on their own. From a Latino perspective, this non-traditional path, before and during college, is not new. Most Latino college students emerge from high school having the academic determination but lacking the right information to maneuver within an increasingly complex higher education process.

Here’s a quick video I put together on the topic of Latinos and their college journey:

I spent the better part of six years from one community college to another trying to understand the academic and financial workings of college life. I didn’t “get it” until most of my peers had either dropped out of school or graduated to a four-year institution. It was an on again/off again academic journey that wasn’t very pleasant. When I look back on the experience, it’s frustrating to realize how it could’ve been avoided so easily.