A New Era

The 2012 election cycle provided a reality check to our political system.  Latinos voted in record numbers, and minorities had a significant impact on the outcome of the presidential election.  However, these realities also provided insights of our labor force.  There are ongoing demographic shifts occurring in our country.  The U.S.  Population growth is slowing and aging.  However, the Hispanic population continues to surge.  These changes will put pressure on employers to shift their strategies from a stable to a changing labor market.  Organizations will need to convert these anticipated changes into opportunities to attract and retain new talent.  What we are the entering is an era of personalized recruiting.  Organizations must be prepared to offer custom tailored recruiting strategies to particular talent pools.  These changes will also put targeted prospects in the driver seat.  Potential candidates will no longer consider themselves part of a mass recruiting effort.  Rather, new talent will be knowledgeable and demand organizations to know who they are.  Candidate knowledge will become the centerpiece of effective recruitment strategies.  And more importantly, this knowledge will become a highly valued organizational resource.