Companies Aren’t Mobilizing

Last week I finished up an article for NSHMBA Magazine regarding how social/mobile recruiting strategies can help target Latino talent (article should be out in October).

Since then, I’ve been doing more research on the topic, especially from a Latino talent market perspective. There is plenty of opportunity for employers and other organizations (non-profits, professional groups, ERGs, etc.) to use mobile platforms to attract, recruit, and retain Latinos. However, companies are unprepared to take advantage of mobile as a human capital tool. As can be expected, an increasing number of college students are already using mobile phones to find internships and jobs via social media.

According to this report by iMomentous, most Fortune 500 companies are far behind in creating mobile optimized corporate websites, especially in the recruitment area:

* Of the 141 companies with a mobile-optimized corporate site, just 23 have a link to Careers or Jobs.

* Only 65 companies have a mobile-optimized career section, and merely 11 of those have a mobile-optimized application process.

*  There was only one company in the Fortune 500 that met all six criteria for mobile readiness.

The graphic below shows just how far behind they are.

Image via iMomentous report