Understanding Latino Millennials

Univision Insights Research shares an excellent overview of Latino Millennials in the United States. Although directed at marketers, much of the information is relevant to organizations hoping to understand and capture Latino talent. Key excerpts:

Such a large majority means that—and the study supports this fact—the importance of cultural connections runs across all demographic groups of Hispanic Americans. This holds up unilaterally when it comes to gender, geography, income, education and, likely most relevant to marketers, the generational group Hispanics are in.

Marketers who target baby boomers, Gen X and Gen Y as subsets of the larger consumer population need to understand that Hispanic culture is as important to a 21-year-old Mexican born in the United States as to a 65-year-old Colombian who immigrated 15 years ago. About 63% of millennials ranked as high or medium in cultural connectedness, as did 89% of those 35-plus.