Don’t You Get It? Web 2.0 is Sooo 2009

Today I pushed up a new video about mobile internet and social media, and how  together they can be a key strategy for reaching and attracting Latino talent to your organization. It’s an important factor because Latinos consistently over-index on mobile phone usage as compared to the general population. And while many industries and organizations are “getting it” – many are not.

An article in Social Media Today argues the healthcare industry still doesn’t “get it.”  Money quote:

Social media is changing the nature of healthcare interaction, and health organizations that ignore this virtual environment may be missing opportunities to engage consumers.

The point parallels much of what I see in the talent management space.

A lot of HR departments and/or consultants have jumped on the social media/Web 2.0 bandwagon, but they either “don’t get it” or sadly don’t realize the Web 2.0 train is leaving the station.

Web 2.0 is fine but mobile is the future.