A Leaky Pipeline

I’ve noted many times via this blog that Latinos, women, and other minorities use community colleges as a pathway to four-year institutions.  Unfortunately, this report by the American Association of Community Colleges indicates the pipeline is still very “leaky:”

More than half of U.S. Hispanic and Native American undergraduate students are enrolled in community colleges, and so are more than 40% of Black students and students of Asian and Pacific Islander origin.21 Yet completion rates for students of color in some groups—often those students facing the greatest challenges—are disappointing in the extreme: For example, one analysis indicates that 6 years after college entry, only 30% of low-income community college students, 26% of Black students, and 26% of Hispanic students have completed either a degree or a certificate, compared with 39% and 36% of White and high-income students, respectively. These blights threaten the American future and must be addressed.

The report provides suggestions for a new framework but it doesn’t seem ambitious enough to reverse the trend.