So Much More to Learn

Mariela Dabbah makes the point that many colleges and universities still don’t know how to increase Latino representation and graduation rates on their campuses. Many organizations, frankly, are clueless.  Mariela explains:

The roundabout answers my question received from the four panelists – all Human Resource and Diversity leaders at top private universities – propelled a woman in the audience to insist that the panel circle back to my question after the conversation had moved in a different direction.


Judging from the panel’s reaction, it was obvious that they actually didn’t have an answer. Unfortunately, what also became apparent is part of the reason why so little has changed in the last few decades in terms of inclusion and retention of diverse students in higher education.

While Mariela argues that universities can learn lessons from some corporations on this issue, I think the examples of organizations that have solid track records in this regard are still lacking as well.