Can You Hear (and Recruit) Me Now?

Bitstream, a Cambridge, Massachusetts that produces the BOLT mobile web browser, reported that more than college half of college students with mobile phones use mobile internet for social networking, scholastic activities, and entertainment. It’s therefore not surprising to see organizations investing a lot of money and resources into the development of mobile internet-based recruitment strategies. 

The Hispanic Institute and Mobile Future just released a study of Hispanic Americans’ use of mobile technology. More than half of America’s Hispanic population uses the mobile Internet, compared to about a third of whites. According to the study, Hispanic Americans account for more minutes used and for a higher percentage of cell-phone ownership than other ethnic groups, despite their comparatively lower incomes. The findings are similar to another study conducted by Pew Internet and the American Life Project reporting English-speaking Hispanics have made impressive gains in their use of mobile Internet.

Between 2007 and 2009, the percentage of English-speaking Hispanics who reported going online via handheld device on a typical day climbed from 18 percent to 29 percent. Hispanic Americans outpaced the growth in white users’ reported use of a handheld device to access the Internet on a typical day, which only grew from 9 percent to 17 percent.

The integration mobile internet with social media and other internet-based strategies provides an opportunity for organizations targeting Hispanic college graduates. As different online and “free” applications emerge, college recruitment is becoming more about creating communities and relationships than pulling potential new talent through a recruitment pipeline. Andy Church, co-founder of, an online program that incorporates coaching, mainstream social media tools and personal branding techniques, aggregating the latest social media tools such as blogs, Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo, and RSS into an interactive profile will allow job seekers create professional connections with future employers.  That’s we’re beginning to see cutting edge companies such as CloudRecruiting that are anticipating the growing trend toward mobile media recruiting.