What Colleges are Graduating the Most Latino Talent?

Excelencia in Education once again continues to provide invaluable data on the status of Latinos in higher education with their latest report, Finding Your Workforce: The Top 25 Institutions Graduating Latinos, 2009-10.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarita Brown (photo) from Excelencia in Education last year at the  LATISM ’11 Conference in Chicago and was able to express my gratitude personally. The organization’s latest report begins to address what I’ve been blogging about for the last three years. According to Ms. Brown:

Corporate leaders have expressed both their desire to hire more Latinos and their frustration at not knowing where to find Latinos with the necessary educational credentials in their sectors,” said Sarita Brown, president of Excelencia in Education. Therefore, we are using our unique analytical focus to provide practical information to address this need and make the direct connection between Latino college completion and America’s future workforce.

Excellent information in the report and important insights for organizations that want to understand, attract, and recruit Latino talent. Check out the video below that describes Excelencia’s participation in the Ensuring America’s Future initiative.